The EL Leadership Network is composed of educational leaders in the core content area of English Language Development from districts throughout the county. The purpose of the task force is to

  • Examine designated and integrated ELD.
  • Utilize the ELA/ELD Framework and 2012 ELD Standards to inform instruction for English Learners.
  • Make informed decisions about the purchase of programs and materials.
  • Determine the professional development needs of staff.

The Committee meets quarterly at the VCOE to address critical issues, share best practices and resources, and read and discuss research.

Meeting Schedule
All meetings are held 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the VCOE Conference and Educational Services Center.

October 7, 2016 - Conejo Rm.
November 18, 2016 - Oxnard Rm.
January 20, 2017 - Conejo Rm.
March 17, 2017 - Conejo Rm.
April 28, 2017 - Conejo Rm.

For questions or more information, contact Lynn Friedman, (805) 437-1306.