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   Safe School Planning


Safe School Planning


In 1997, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 187 (Education Code Section 35294, Statutes of 1998), which mandates safe school planning at every school site.

Schools are required to:

  • Assess the current status of school crime.
  • Identify programs and strategies to provide school safety.
  • Include the school's procedures for complying with existing laws related to school safety.
  • Include specifics on a variety of safety issues in its Safe School Plan.
  • Review and update the Safe School Plan annually by March 1.

The Comprehensive Health & Prevention Programs (CHPP) department assists schools and school districts in designing and reinforcing comprehensive safe school plans including effective crisis response preparation and procedures, by providing a variety of technical assistance services including site visits, workshops, and conferences.

Creating a positive school culture and climate requires a shared vision which fosters a positive learning environment.  Schools perceived as being positive, safe and nurturing enjoy a better student achievement.

For assistance to utilize California Healthy Kids Survey data as one measure of school safety, culture and climate, contact the CHPP department, and/or see:




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