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Welcome to Boswell FunRaisers!  Boswell FunRaisers is the shared title for the student generated fundraising activities currently being carried out by the students at Dorothy Boswell School.  As a part of their vocational training education, Boswell student create and produce items that are available to the public for a small donation.  All donations are used to enhance the educational opportunities and experiences of the students.

Please take a few minutes to look at the items that are available from Boswell FunRaisers.  Items are available at Dorothy Boswell School or the CESC (Tis the Season Pins, Sweet Sendings).  Delivery by Boswell students is available for larger orders. 


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For any questions about orders, please contact Shamus Auth at (805) 289-3388 x 2307 or  A Boswell FunRaisers representative will get back to you soon!


Boswell FunRaisers Products


Boswell Rocks! Boswell Rocks are beautifully hand painted by our students. Use them to add character to your garden or as a decorative art piece. They also make a great door stop and paperweight. These unique one of a kind rocks make a great gift for any occasion.


Boswell Brew: Boswell Brew is a collaborative project by the students of Dorothy Boswell School and Café Altura, one of the first organic coffee roasting companies in the United States.  Boswell students, all of whom have earned their California Food Handlers cards, will weigh, grind, package, and deliver organic, free trade coffee for your drinking pleasure.  You can select regular or dark roast, whole bean or ground.  Enjoy a cup today!


Boswell Brew Coffee Mugs: The perfect way to enjoy your Boswell Brew, each cup is a piece of art, individually painted by students and highlighted with the Boswell Brew logo.  All mugs are dishwasher safe.  Custom messages can be written on your mug for a small additional fee.



Sweet Sendings:  Sweet Sendings is a student operated greeting card fundraiser. Students take pictures with classroom iPads, upload and edit the pictures on the computer, and add a caption. Cards are created for all occasions and are sold for the competitive price of only $1.00 per card! 


Birdseed Feeders: Make some new feathery friends with these bird feeders made with tender loving care by our students. Just hang outside on your favorite tree for your feathery friends to enjoy.



Succulents on Driftwood:  This driftwood planter will bring rustic elegance to your home or table. These amazing planters are each created by our students. Care instructions: spray with water weekly to keep the succulents happy.


 Happy Plants: Happy Plants are plant arrangements created by our students. Happy Plants are planted, grown and cared for in our raised planters, then transplanted into their pots with care. They are perfect for any occasion and sure to bring happiness to those who receive them.  Specialty plant designs are available, contact us for more details!



Craft Keys: Craft Keys are key chains made and crafted by our students. Theses crafty creations can be used for keys, bags, and decorative charms. Craft Key creations are the perfect accessory sure to show your personality and interests. 


Tis the Season Pins: For nearly 20 years, Tis the Season has been your source for one-of-a-kind, student made  works of art. Students select the shapes of the pins and the color of the clay used to prepare each pin individually as part of their class art program. 


West County VCOE Cookbook: The West County VCOE Cookbook features a special collection of over 50 student recipes from VCOE special education programs at Balboa Middle School, Ventura High School, Ojai TEAMS, and Boswell School. Recipes include: Soups, Sides, Salads, Appetizers, Main Dishes, Desserts, and Beverages. There are international recipes, such as Lina’s Luscious Spanish Rice, and familiar favorites, such as Liam’s Old Fashion Lemonade. Colorful pictures and illustrations highlight all the savory recipes. All sales will benefit the West County VCOE Parent Group and West County VCOE Special Education Schools and Programs.