Instructional Support Services Professional Learning

The VCOE Curriculum and Instruction Team provides professional learning opportunities that support the development of college and career ready students through a shift in student, teacher, and administrator learning and practice within a systemwide, collaborative implementation process of the California Common Core State Standards (California CCSS). As outlined in our brochure, our team leads professional learning workshops at your site and at VCOE in all content areas as well as PBIS/CHAMPS with emphasis on

  • awareness and transition
  • teaching and learning
  • assessment systems
  • collaboration and data
  • classroom support
  • instructional leadership

For more information or to schedule professional learning with our director, contact Dr. Leticia Ramos, (805) 437-1303.

Resources for School Boards, Parents, and the Community
Designed for easy accessibility, these resources may be used during a variety of district and school CA CCSS informational meetings.