Environmental Education Playlists

Environmental Education Playlists


Place Based Learning and Local Phenomena Resources: Activities and lessons about environmental solutions, local phenomena and data, climate change, ocean and marine resources, water resources, and sustainable city resources. NGSS Aligned.   


Hands-On Environmental Educational Activities and Outdoor Education Resources: Hands-on ocean activities, schoolyard and garden activities, water activities, energy activities, environmental education activities, and outdoor education resources.


Service Learning Resources and Project Based Learning Programs: Find service learning resources and local project based learning programs and experiences.


Chumash Educational Resources: Learn about Island of the Blue Dolphins Resources, Chumash books and educational materials, local organizations, and land acknowledgment resources.


Environmental Education Book Resources: Environmental education books for students in elementary, middle, and high school.


Environmental Education Movies Resources: Environmental education movies with educator’s guides for elementary school, middle school, and high school students.


Virtual Environmental Education Lessons and Field Trips Resources: Resources about local Virtual Environmental Education Lessons, Virtual Field Trips With Community-Based Partners, California State Parks Regional Virtual Field Trips, ​​Virtual Field Trips And Tours, and Virtual Story Maps. You can use these resources as introductory activities to your lessons, complete lessons, or additional activies to add to your lessons.


Online Learning and Virtual Resources: Resources about Webcams, Land Ecosystems Online Learning Resources, Marine and Water Online Learning Resources, and Simulations. You can use these resources as introductory activities to your lessons, complete lessons, or supplementary activies to add to your lessons.


Environmental Justice Education Resources: Find local, statewide, national and global environmental justice and environmental health lessons and resources. Learn about local environmental justice organizations and initiatives.


Career Inspiration Resources: Information about certificate programs, inspiration for ocean and marine ecosystem jobs, sustainable agriculture jobs, land ecosystems jobs, sustainable water jobs, renewable energy jobs, green building jobs, and green career inspiration. Learn about water quality testing opportunities, National Park opportunities for high schoolers, AmeriCorps programs, training, research, internship, and job opportunities.


Earth Day And Environmental Fair Resources: Find Earth Day, Earth Week, and Environmental Fair resources in this document.