Schoolyard Habitat Videos

Learn how to build a habitat for native plants and animals in Ventura County. 


The Process of Creating a Native Pollinator Habitat

Learn about the process of creating native pollinator habitats in schools in Ventura County.

For more information, this handout explains how to plant a native plant. 


Native Plants in Ventura County Video

Learn about native plants in schoolyard habitats in schools in Ventura County.

Read this project guide to learn how to create a schoolyard habitat and outdoor classroom. 


The Benefits of Schoolyard Habitats

Learn about the benefits of schoolyard habitats.

Read about more benefits of schoolyard habitats here


Chumash Ethnobotany Videos

Learn about native plants and cultural knowledge from Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, a Chumash elder.


Introduction to Chumash Ethnobotany

Learn about Chumash Ethnobotany and the native plants of Ventura County.

For more information, here is a list of native plants in Ventura County and their Chumash uses.


Oak Trees in Ventura County

Learn about the ethnobotany of oak trees native to Ventura County.



Learn about the native uses of the Elderberry, a native plant of Ventura County.


Lemonade Berry, Bulbs, and Toyon

Learn about the native plants of lemonade berry, bulbs, and toyon.


Sage and Berries

Learn about the native sage and berries of Ventura County.