Migrant Students Compete in Speech and Debate

  • 3/28/2024 12:00:00 PM


Middle and high school students in the Ventura County Office of Education’s Migrant Education Program had an opportunity to show their skills during the 21st annual Regional Speech and Debate Tournament that was held Saturday at Ventura College. This year’s tournament drew about 70 students, which was approximately double the number from last year. The student competitors came from the following school districts:

  • Briggs Elementary School District
  • Fillmore Unified School District
  • Hueneme Elementary School District
  • Ocean View School District
  • Oxnard School District
  • Oxnard Union High School District
  • Santa Paula Unified School District
  • Ventura Unified School District

The students competed by presenting prepared and extemporaneous speeches and participating in small group debates. They had the choice of competing in English or Spanish. The event is a tremendous learning opportunity that helps students build confidence and sharpen their critical thinking, research, and public speaking skills. “The talent and dedication on display at the tournament was nothing short of amazing,” said Dr. César Morales, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools. “Events like this play a vital role in helping our migrant students overcome the many challenges they face. Countless students who have been part of the Migrant Education Program have gone on to achieve academic success and build rewarding careers in our community and beyond.”


The students and teams that came in first in each grade level will now advance to the statewide competition, which will be held May 3-5 in Monterey. You can see a complete list of the winners at this link.


Thank You to the Coaches and Judges


The Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) would like to thank the following individuals who served as coaches for their outstanding work preparing students for the tournament:

  • Christina Maggio, Santa Paula Unified School District
  • Dayna Arevalo, Briggs School District
  • Elizabeth Lomeli, Oxnard School District
  • Eriyana Linder, Fillmore Unified School District
  • Everardo Magaña, Santa Paula Unified School District
  • Gabriela Melendez, Oxnard Union High School District
  • Henory Manriquez, Ventura Unified School District
  • Jesus Jimenez, Oxnard Union High School District
  • Jonathan Gonzalez, Fillmore Unified School District
  • Katalina Martinez, Oxnard Union High School District
  • Maria Centeno Sanchez Oxnard Union High School District
  • Maria Mendoza, Ocean View School District
  • Maria Muñoz, Santa Paula Unified School District
  • Monica Adrian, Oxnard Union High School District
  • Rebecca Pariso, Hueneme Elementary School District
  • Shannon Todd, Oxnard School District
  • Susana Reyes, Hueneme Elementary School District

VCOE is also very grateful to these community members who volunteered as judges for the event:

Aldo Campos-Garcia, Alex Rebollar, Alma Magaña, Alma Ruvalcaba, Angeles Castillo, Angelica Preciado, Celina Segovia, Diana Flores, Elizabeth Basurto, Erik Nasarenko, Evelyn Curiel, Fatima Peña, Francisco Estrada, Genevieve Flores-Haro, Gloria Garcia, Gloriana DeCandia, Israel Vasquez-Nicolas, Jeannette Andrade, Dr. Jose Alamillo, Julia Rodriguez, Julia Salazar, Julio Gomez, Lorena Cortez, Maria Lemus Maldonado, Marlene Melgoza, Marvin Tepper, Matthew Inouye, Miguel Rodriguez, Mireya Chavez, Pedro Chavez, Rafael Martinez, Dr. Ramon Flores, Ricardo Araiza, Sara Rivera, Selfa Saucedo, Silveria Ortiz, Vianey Lopez, William Hughes, and Yesenia Centeno.


More information about the VCOE Migrant Education Program is available at www.vcoe.org/migrant.