Record Number of Migrant Students Enroll in Summer Program

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A record number of migrant students have enrolled in a program that will provide important educational opportunities this summer in Ventura County. A total of 850 students have signed up for at-home summer instruction offered by the Migrant Education Program at the Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE). The program provides services to students who frequently change schools as their families move throughout the state to follow work opportunities in the agriculture industry.


“This year, we’re seeing more migrant students stay in Ventura County because of COVID-19-related travel difficulties and the ongoing availability of work in local agriculture,” said Dr. Joe Mendoza, Director of the Special Populations Educational Support Department at VCOE. “Our recruiters did a fantastic job reaching out to more than 2,000 local migrant families to notify them about summer learning opportunities for their children.”


The program will provide summer education at home for migrant students from kindergarten through high school. Students in elementary and middle school will receive workbooks in Language Arts and math. High school students will use a computer-based program that offers course credit in Language Arts, history, math, science and more.  All students will be assigned a credentialed teacher who will provide support over the phone.


“In normal times, migrant students already face significant obstacles to learning, and it’s been even tougher with school campuses closed due to the pandemic,” said Dr. Cesar Morales, VCOE’s Associate Superintendent for Student Services. “I am thrilled so many migrant students will be able to continue learning this summer thanks to this program.”


More About the Migrant Education Program

Among the neediest students in California are migratory youth, who change schools throughout the year. They often cross school district and state lines to follow work in the agriculture, fishing, dairy and logging industries. Since 1966, federal and state laws have recognized the unique educational challenges of migrant students and have provided support to help them and their families overcome obstacles related to poverty and disrupted educational experiences. Additional information about the Migrant Education Program in Ventura County is available at https://www.vcoe.org/Special-Populations/Migrant-Education.