Gateway Community School

Gateway Community School

Welcome to Gateway Community School which is operated by the Ventura County Office of Education for the purpose of serving all districts in Ventura County. Gateway primarily serves expelled, truant, and referred youth in grades 6-12. Our school has high expectations of students and provides a rigorous academic environment, while also providing rehabilitation services for students who may benefit from social/emotional support.

The staff at Gateway is committed to working collaboratively with parents, Ventura County Probation, and other community and governmental agencies to provide a quality education for our students. Our primary goal is to ensure positive personal and academic outcomes for students.  Such outcomes include preparing students to return to their home school districts, graduating from Gateway, or earning their GED certificate. Gateway realizes these results by ensuring that every student receives every possible support they need to succeed in school and life.

All students are offered a standard- based core curriculum.  In addition to academic core classes Gateway provides the following:
Transition program – Helping students learn more about their educational options and how to navigate their new school environment successfully.  

  1. Counseling/Group session Helping students deal effectively with personal and educational barriers
  2. Regional Occupations Program (ROP) and Career Technical Education – Providing an introduction to career options and skills development
  3. English Learner Support – Helping English learners succeed academically

Classes are held Monday through Friday in classrooms staffed by teachers who not only provide academic instruction, but also emphasize the skills needed to improve in attendance and behavior.  The Safe and Civil Schools Organization has Identified Gateway Community School as a model school for its effective implementation of the CHAMPS program, a research-based positive behavioral support system that has helped transform the campus into a safe learning environment where staff and students respect each other and have a common interest in teaching and learning.

Independent Study at Gateway is offered but is limited and highly regulated. If deemed appropriate, the student and the Independent Study teacher meet on a weekly basis to receive and review schoolwork. Performance is evaluated based upon the quality and quantity of schoolwork submitted to the teacher. Students can work at their own pace with the potential to complete more than the minimum requirement.

Our Middle School program is designed for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students and emphasizes academic support, basic core subject area instruction, and improving attendance and behavior. We work together with students and parents to design an educational plan, which enables the students to return to their districts of residence or graduate from the eighth grade. Classes meet daily Monday through Friday, and in some cases, independent study is provided when parents and teachers decide that it is a more appropriate placement. Our dedicated staff seeks to serve the academic, social and emotional needs of our early teen students. 

Gateway Community School
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