High School Graduation Requirements

Students shall receive diplomas of High School Graduation from the Ventura County Office of Education after completing the course of study, credit requirements, and standards of proficiency as established in VCOE Board Policy 6146.1


English Language Arts

40 Credits

Mathematics – to include one course in Algebra 1

30 Credits

Science – to include one course in the Life Sciences and one in the Physical Sciences

20 Credits

Social Science – to include one course in World History; one course in

U.S. History; one term of American Government; and one term of Economics

30 Credits

Visual & Performing Arts; or Foreign Language; or American Sign Language; or
(beginning with the Class of 2013) Career Technical Education

10 Credits

Physical Education – unless exempted pursuant to CA EC §51241

20 Credits

Health Education

5 Credits

Career Technical Education

5 Credits

Computer Literacy – or demonstration of mastery through an alternative assessment
and completion of 5 additional elective credits

5 Credits

Electives in addition to the requirements listed herein

55 Credits

Credit Requirements - The minimum number of credits required for High School Graduation is



Students may waive the Computer Literacy course of study requirement by demonstrating mastery of basic computer operations; email; internet; spread sheets; word processing & presentation software at a level of 80% or better through an alternative assessment. Students demonstrating Computer Proficiency through the alternative assessment must complete the 5 required credits as Elective Credit.