Gateway Community School offers a range of educational programs to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each specific program.


All high school students referred to Gateway Community School participate in a 5 day program designed to ease their transition into Gateway. While in the Transition Program each student will develop a personalized portfolio that includes all pertinent information to map progress toward their individual academic and personal goals. Students in the Transition Program take Math, English, English Language Development, Career, and Asset assessments. In addition, they meet in depth with staff for transcript analysis, graduation planning, and return to district planning to ensure they receive the courses and services that maximize academic and personal growth. Students will also be exposed to academic and behavior expectations, and participate in social skills and character activities. Gateway staff goes to these lengths in an effort to make students feel welcome, and to ensure students know who they can to go to get their questions answered and needs met. At the conclusion of the Transition Program the Gateway Transition Team makes a recommendation for placement in the best program for each student.
Students in the High School Daily Program attend school Monday through Friday from 9:15am to 2:25pm. Students are enrolled in 4 courses in core high school subjects each with a value of 5 credits each quarter. Students can earn 20 or more credits per quarter and 80 or more each school year. Students enrolling in school after the first week of the quarter are eligible to earn partial credit for the current term based on their enrollment date. Students in the High School Daily Program have the opportunity to enroll in additional on-line coursework for credit recovery or acceleration toward graduation as well as counseling. Counseling is offered in several formats and in a variety of themes (anger management, men's/women's groups, art therapy, one on one counseling, gang intervention, and drug and alcohol counseling).
Gateway Community School - Middle School Program is designed for expelled and referred sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to promote academic growth, remediate academic deficiencies, as well as improve attendance and behavior. All middle school students enrolling in Gateway spend their first day of school in an orientation meeting with administration and staff to prepare for a successful transition to their new school. Students are assessed in Math, English, and English Language Development prior to beginning the middle school program, which consists of the courses in English/ELD, Math, Science, Social Studies, and P.E. Students attend the same hours as the high school program and receive the same counseling as do the high school students. Middle also employs an intervention component for students needing more time in the core subjects and further interventions to support their return to plans.