Director's Message

Dear Gateway students and families,

Gateway Community School provides all students with a safe, challenging, and supportive learning environment. Each year, our staff and array of countywide partners work to transform the lives of our students. We know that each day represents an opportunity for our students to learn and to define themselves as Respectful, Positive, Productive, and Proud.

This year, students will have significant opportunities to learn and prepare for their future success. Not only do Gateway students recoup credits, but they also gain access to dynamic learning program. Our teaching staff work tirelessly to plan, teach, and assess high-quality learning that aligns to the Common Core State Standards. This year, we will continue to offer and explore more relevant and engaging learning experiences that prepare students for success in the 21st century. Finally, each student will build a portfolio that includes each student's goals, learning styles, awards, exemplary work while at Gateway, and a letter of support written by a Gateway staff member.

Students at Gateway Community School also have the opportunity to discover career pathways. A host of career technical education classes will be offered by the VCOE Career Education Center to our students during and after the regular school day. Students will also learn from the Get Focused, Stay Focused curriculum, which will help them to explore their values, potential careers, and develop a clear plan that prepares students for the life and career that maximizes their potential.

Gateway Community School continues to provide a positive and safe learning environment where all students can thrive. All of our staff know that treating every student with dignity and respect is the foundation of our school. We interact positively to build relationships and trust with our students so they can feel cared for and safe to take educational and personal risks at school.

On behalf of the staff at Gateway Community School, we welcome you to our family!


Stefanie Rodriguez
Director of Alternative Education
Ventura County Office of Education