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Our Vision 

Quality early learning and care means relationships, learning environments, and activities support ALL children’s growth and development to prepare them and their family members for success in school and life. 

In March 2019, VCOE - ECP was awarded the Inclusive Early Learning Care Coordination Program (IELCCP) grant. Through this initiative, a task team was convened to develop a countywide strategy toward increasing access to inclusive programming. 


Effective July 1, 2020, this Task Team has evolved into a collaborative group of stakeholders, educators, and community partners, including 6 LEAs and 2 community-based organizations (CBOs) through the Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program (IEEEP) grant. Continuing IELCCP efforts, the charge of this group is to increase access to inclusive programming via professional development and adaptive materials and equipment.



Winter 2022 Spotlight: CDE Inclusive Early Education Updates

High-quality inclusion in early education supports children’s development, relationships with peers, and a sense of belonging, which is true for children with and without disabilities. Not only do children with disabilities benefit from being included in early education but children without disabilities also have positive developmental outcomes in inclusive environments.

Winter 2021 Spotlight: Supporting Inclusive Practices

Supporting Inclusive Practices

The vision for Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP) is for every student to be educated in an environment that is intentionally designed, equitable and inclusive. Innovate. Include. Impact.


Preschool Resources

This innovative project includes working alongside sample site LEAs throughout California to collect classroom walkthrough data as evidence of best practices centered on culturally responsive pedagogy, universal design for learning, and supports for social-emotional learning.


SIP Padlet

Join educators to gather resources, information, and ideas on designing inclusive preschools: Discover. Data. Design. Deliver.

Fall 2021 Spotlight: The Inclusion Matters podcast



Minnesota's Center for Inclusive Child Care has recently released a podcast series on early care and education. Click any of the below topics to learn more and listen to the accompanying podcast:

Early Childhood Special Education - The System and Process 

An overview of the early childhood special education, the system, and the process of evaluation.


Special Education and Early Childhood Educators Partnership Success 

Key components of success in the partnership between child care and ECSE.


Benefits of a Positive ECSE Partnership

What is helpful in the ECSE-child care partnership and what are some possible roadblocks to success? 


STEMIE - Making Inclusion Happen (February 26, 2021)



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