Professional Growth Plans and Education Plans

Quality Counts Ventura County (QCVC) requires each participant to complete a Professional Growth Plan or Education Plan related to their corresponding stipend pathway (college coursework/degree attainment or childcare licensure). QCVC Teaching Stars will acccept a CTC Professional Growth Plan OR a 2-year or 4-year college educational plan documenting coursework and degree attainment.

What is a Professional Growth Plan?

A Professional Growth Plan is an ongoing planned program of professional activities in consultation with an advisor. Professional growth activities as stated in the CTC Child Development Permit Professional Growth Manual ( include:

  1. Complete one or more college or university courses
  2. Attend conferences, workshops, institutes, academies, symposia, teacher center programs, or staff development programs
  3. Provide service in a leadership role in which you contribute to the improvement of the center or group of centers above and beyond the requirements of your job
  4. Provide service in a leadership role in a professional organization
  5. Provide service as a professional growth advisor for holders of a Child Development Permit
  6. Conduct educational research and innovation
  7. Perform systematic programs of observation and analysis of teaching, curriculum, classroom management techniques, play, or circle activities at a similar professional level in your field
  8. Participate in a program of independent study
  9. Improve basic skills
  10. Participate in creative endeavors
  11. Receive instruction in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or First Aid

What is an Education Plan?

An Education Plan is an ongoing document created by both you and an academic counselor. It is a tool that outlines your projected academic plan. Your Education Plan is a resource to help you plan out your courses, major, and other academic or career goals. For more information on how to create your education plan, consult your community college/university advisor.

Tips for Success:

  • Be sure to meet with your advisor or counselor at least twice a year to review your plan and have it signed
  • Ensure your plan lists all activities at least 6 months or one semester in advance.
  • During your advisor or counselor meeting ask about activities that counts toward multiple goals to ensure you’re on the fast track to your academic and professional goals. For example, a child development class may count toward a permit upgrade or a degree.