Danni Brook, Executive Director


Danni serves as the Executive Director of School Business and Advisory Services for the Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE).  Danni and her Team (The Team) provide services designed to promote sound fiscal management through responsive technical and financial advisory services. The Team is also responsible for supporting centralized business systems that are used to serve all local K-12 school districts and many charters in Ventura County.  

Name Title Phone Email

Danni Brook Executive Director 805-383-1981 dbrook@vcoe.org
Cathy Niss Director 805-383-1980 cniss@vcoe.org
Shannon Krone Accounting Assistant II / Administrative Assistant II 805-383-1982 skrone@vcoe.org
Anne Mercer Business Systems Manager 805-383-1986 amercer@vcoe.org
Name Title Phone Number Email
Retirement Contacts

Monika  Keller Retirement Specialist (CalPERS) 805-383-1993 mkeller@vcoe.org
Dorrie Perrin Retirement Specialist (CalSTRS) 805-383-1992 dperrin@vcoe.org
JoLinn Hensley Assistant Retirement Specialist 805-383-1994 jhensley@vcoe.org
Valerie  Geerdes Assistant Retirement Specialist 805-383-1995 vgeerdes@vcoe.org
Name Title Phone Number Email
System Support Contacts

Giovanni  Arevalo Business Systems Specialist 805-383-1983 garevalo@vcoe.org
Yvonne Corral Business Systems Specialist 805-383-1990 ycorral@vcoe.org
Mark Walker Business Systems Specialist 805-383-1989 mwalker@vcoe.org
Anne  Mercer Business Systems Manager 805-383-1986 amercer@vcoe.org
Mike Mondello Business Systems Specialist 805-383-1991 mmondello@vcoe.org
Name Title Phone Number Email
Operations Contacts

Annette  Tarin Accountant 805-383-1987 Tarin@vcoe.org
Belen  Walker Senior Accounting Assistant 805-383-1988 bwalker@vcoe.org
Lisa Worsley Accounting Assistant II 805-383-1979 worsley@vcoe.org
Jeanessa  Lopez Contract Technician 805-383-1985 jlopez2@vcoe.org
Cathy White Financial Analyst II 805-383-1984 cwhite@vcoe.org