CASBO Workshops

CANCELLED - Collective Bargaining Basics: September 20, 2019  8am - 12:30pm

Topics: The process of collective bargaining in the context of the Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP); preparation; bargaining team makeup; communications that connect negotiations to the organization's LCAP and education goals; negotiation process; impasse; fact finding; resolution.  

Description: This workshop will approach collective bargaining as a continuum, setting the table for bargaining and walking participants through the entire process -- from the selection of a bargaining team and setting priorities based on the LCAP and education goals, to final agreement and implementation, whether through negotiations or after impasse. The communication element also will be addressed, including how to connect negotiations to your organization's overall education goals, and you'll receive tips on how to keep stakeholders, parents and community members aware of important issues. 



Pupil Attendance Accounting for School Site Personnel: September 25, 2019  8am - 4pm

Topics: State compliance issues; enrollment requirements; truancy laws; commonly asked questions and strategies to improve attendance.  

Description: This workshop will cover state compliance requirements, audit preparation and strategies to improve pupil attendance. Presented from a site-level perspective, it will focus on daily attendance functions, especially those areas targeted for audit. District-level and CPA personnel are encouraged to attend to obtain information about site-level attendance requirements. Special emphasis will be placed on those areas targeted for audit by the independent auditors: attendance records and documents, statutory school day and year, partial-day absences, on-campus suspensions, class size regulations, and alternative education programs. 




Legal Aspects & Hands-On Accounting for Student Body Organizations - Sept. 26, 2019  8am - 4pm

This workshop will teach you how to maintain an effective ASB program for grades K-12 with special focus on how to maintain fiscal accountability, legal compliance and accuracy within your ASB accounts.

  • Overview of student organizations
  • laws and regulations, including those pertaining to school food and vending machine sales
  • forming the organization
  • general business practices
  • budgets and budget management
  • fundraising events and cash receipt management and procedures
  • class fees, deposits and other charges
  • gift and donation income
  • contracts
  • allowable and questionable expenses and cash disbursement management and procedures
  • unallowable fees and charges
  • equipment purchases and management
  • student stores
  • employees and consultants
  • accounting and financial management
  • effective district oversight



Budget Basics & Beyond - October 4, 2019  8am - 4pm

Administrators, new chief business officials, business office staff and anyone interested in a basic knowledge of budget concepts. 

This workshop will provide you with the basics of budget development and management, including concepts and processes; rules, regulations and laws; roles and responsibilities; monitoring results against projections; and presentation and communication tools. You’ll receive a practical, easy-touse, all-in-one guide to effective budget development and management that takes you through every step of the budget process. You’ll also leave with the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team’s CD of budget display software (as designed and developed by School Services of California, Inc., and funded by the Girard Foundation) to assist you in presenting a user-friendly policy instrument rather than just a document of numbers; as well as standardized budget formats for providing district financial policies and practices information to your stakeholders.



Public Works Simplifed: - October 8, 2019   8am - 4:30pm

Topics: California Uniform Public  prequalification (AB 1565); public works bidding.

Description: This workshop will cover alternative bid limits, force account work and accounting, qualified contractors, emergency contracts, legal updates, and opting into CUPCCAA. You’ll learn about prequalification (AB 1565), which took effect on January 1, 2015, and requires all K-12 school districts with an average daily attendance above 2,500 to prequalify general, mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors on state-bond-funded projects with projected expenditures of over $1 million. The class will include a 30-minute open question-and-answer forum regarding facilities and public works and bidding requirements on public works projects such as advertisements, certifications, bonds and insurance.




Accounts Payable - How to Pay the Bills: - October 09, 2019  8am - 4pm

Topics: Accounts payable functions and processes; internal controls; California School Accounting Manual; budgets and encumbrances; account codes; bids and bidding; sales, use and excise taxes; independent contractors. 

Description: This workshop will emphasize the overall role of accounts payable staff in local education agency management, including budget, internal controls and public (vendor) relations. In addition to receiving training on the daily functions of the accounts payable department, you will learn the importance of each action as it relates to the overall management of agency operations, including the basics of accounts payable; the role of accounts payable in budget management, internal controls and year-end closing; fundamental laws, rules and regulations; and basic purchasing laws and procedures. You also will receive an overview of the California School Accounting Manual and how to apply it to daily use, as well as a solid foundation in understanding the complicated transactions that you will encounter. 




1099 Reporting Concepts: - November 08, 2019  8am - 4pm

Topics: Current reporting updates; identifying taxpayer numbers for Form W-9; communicating with vendors; reporting certain types of vendor payments; filing and correcting Form 1099-Misc.; California reporting requirements; required vendor forms; special requirements and forms for hiring foreign vendors; proper handling of backup withholding issues.  

Description: In this workshop, you'll learn best practices to ensure you are properly setting up vendor accounts and payments to comply with Internal Revenue Service and California reporting requirements. You also will be updated on reporting requirements and pending legislation related to financial risks for increased penalties, as well as ways that districts can use procedures to comply with regulations and reduce or eliminate any accessed penalties. 





**CANCELED** Pupil Attendance Accounting for Business Office Personnel:  

March 24, 2020  8am - 4pm

Topics: Compliance issues; commonly asked questions and strategies to improve attendance accounting; statutory provisions; systems and tools for monitoring compliance with statutory school days/instructional minutes; strategies to improve pupil attendance; statutory provisions for pupil attendance accounting; board policies and procedures and education codes; attendance reporting and truancy laws; internal audit function; staff development for attendance personnel; audit guide update.  

Description: This workshop will offer valuable information to individuals responsible for district-wide pupil attendance accounting activities with a focus on monitoring systems and procedures to facilitate compliance with statutory laws that pertain to pupil attendance acounting. You'll also receive an overview on statutory and audit requirements, including new legislation, to help you avoid audit exceptions. 



**CANCELED** Payroll Concepts: - April 2, 2020  8am - 4:30pm

Topics: Payroll updates; employee classifications; salary computations; overtime calculations; payroll deductions; federal and state withholding taxes; employee leave; time of payments; retirement reporting (California Public Employees’ Retirement System and California State Teachers’ Retirement System).

Description: In this workshop, you’ll hear real-world examples of practical experience and expertise, as shared by the presenters. You’ll also receive updates on new laws and regulations, as well as pending legislation that may affect payroll and retirement processing. You’ll leave with the skills and knowledge you need to produce accurate paychecks and ensure payroll compliance with federal and state regulatory agencies.