Williams Legislation

The Eliezer Williams, et al., vs. the State of California, et al. (Williams) case was filed as a class action in 2000 in San Francisco County Superior Court. The plaintiffs include nearly 100 San Francisco County students, who filed suit against the State of California and state education agencies, including the California Department of Education (CDE). The basis of the lawsuit was that the agencies failed to provide public school students with equal access to instructional materials, safe and decent school facilities, and qualified teachers.

As a result of the Williams Case, the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) reports the overall condition of the school facility, the number of teacher misassignments and vacancies, and the availability of textbooks and/or instructional materials.

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Instructional Materials

Instructional MaterialsWilliams v. California is a class-action lawsuit filed in May 2000 claiming that the state's poorest children are being denied equal educational opportunities. For more information click here.

Annual Sufficiency Resolution, E.C. 60119:


Uniform Complaint Procedures:



Settled in 2004, The Williams Case resulted in oversight-related activities for the lowest one-third of schools in California based on test scores to ensure "Good Repair", defined as "clean, safe, and functional" in California Education Code 17002(d)(1). Click here for more information.

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