The Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program is designed to prevent youth tobacco use by providing students with the knowledge and skills that enable them to be tobacco free. 

The VCOE Comprehensive Health and Prevention Programs (CHPP) is committed to educating youth on the dangers of nicotine in both traditional cigarettes and E-cigarettes. VCOE CHPP staff provides:

  • Support and assistance provided to school districts seeking Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) funds.
  • Capacity building for sustainable TUPE programs, activities and educational services.
  • Biennial administration of the California Healthy Kids Survey and California School Climate Surveys.
  • Collaborative programs with Ventura County Behavioral Health, Ventura County Public Health, and other agencies.
  • Review of Science-Based tobacco prevention programs
  • Training and technical assistance in select prevention programs and Research-Based activities.
  • Certification of district compliance with tobacco-free school requirements.
  • Site visits to ensure that district programs are aligned with program requirements.
  • Bimonthly meetings to promote comprehensive and effective tobacco prevention programs.
  • Funding Source: California Department of Education TUPE Funding

Sites that may provide assistance to school and district programs: