Alcohol and Other Drug Resources for Parents and Teens


The Comprehensive Health and Prevention Programs department provides districts and schools with leadership, consultation, coaching, training, and technical assistance to meet education code requirements and carry out federal and state funded comprehensive alcohol and other drug prevention programs. A variety of workshops are offered to school staff such as DITEP (Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals) and Friday Night Live is a youth development and substance abuse prevention program that helps young people address alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence issues within their schools and communities.

Below are resources for parents and teens for alcohol and other drug prevention.

Parent Resources

Alcohol and Drug Programs for Youth (English & Spanish)
Ventura County Behavioral Health - Alcohol and Drug Programs & Initiatives
Prescription Drug Disposal Locations in Ventura County
Parents Take Action Right Now
Quiz- How Much Do You Know About Prescription Drug Abuse?
Facts About Prescription Medications Commonly Abused by Teens
Get Smart About Drugs

Teen Resources

Resources for Teens
Be Above the Influence
Just Think Twice - Drug Facts and Fiction