Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM)

BRRIIM, the Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model, is a step-by-step evidence-based interview and planning tool which includes families in student support. The result is actionable plans, connection to resources, and – most importantly – student safety and success.


• Engages students and families in a safe, structured approach
• Provides equity for families that need it the most
• Reduces suspensions with no need for suspension alternatives
• Cost-effective, leveraging existing resources
• Keystone tool for Student Assistance Programs
• Complements all school resources and curriculum
• BRRIIM is a Golden Bell award recipient with over 35 years of implementation.


BRRIIM training is for anyone who supports students and families:
• School counselors
• Student intervention specialists
• Other school support staff
• Psychologists
• Treatment centers
• Community-based organizations
• Prevention coordinators

Online Training:
• Self-paced 6-hour course
• Easy-to-understand videos, reading materials and resources
• Developed in collaboration with Ventura County Office of Education’s Health and Prevention Programs Department



For more information or to register contact Tina Koonce @ or 805-437-1393