Teens Kick Ash 2022 Links

Here are the videos to the conference presentations! We have brought in local and national experts on the subjects of vaping and other tobacco products to give you some great info and pro-tips on getting the word out about this issue.

Day 4 - Closing - Truth Initiative

Presented by Bryan Coleman, Senior Manager

Youth Development, Community and Youth Engagement 

As the summit concludes Truth Initiative is back again to help explore how young people can enact change through community organizing. We review the value and purpose of community organizing and introduce smartie goals, the relationship between strategy and tactics and the criteria for effective community engagement. Anyone who leads others or represents an issue or community won’t want to miss this!

(If your district blocks the video below, it can be viewed here: Truth Initiative - Closing)





Day 3 - Workshop - Music Notes

Started in 2009 by middle school teachers in Los Angeles, California, Music Notes blends education and fun to create an unforgettable experience for students of all ages. We combine hip-hop with our teaching experience to create high energy songs, music videos, and concert experiences that promote various aspects of education.  Music Notes’ anti-vaping concert builds on our established TUPE work with updated information and a new focus on youth advocacy. Using the theme “Time For Some Action”, this concert features songs and videos targeting tobacco-use prevention and education about smoking and vaping. Includes information on marketing tactics used by companies to target teens, such as new products, flavors, and product placement in music videos. Concert also explores ongoing changes in local, state, and federal regulations surrounding age and flavor restrictions.






Day 2 - Workshop - BRITE

Presented by Sade Champagne, BRITE

In this video workshop we will explore the meaning, history and modern realities around gaslighting.  Through personal experiences and perspectives BRITE team members and young adult participants share how to recognise and resist the manipulation in personal relationships and by the tobacco industry.

(If your district blocks the video below, it can be viewed here: BRITE Workshop )






Day 1 - Keynote - Truth Initiative 

Presented by Victoria Acosta (she/her)

Senior Coordinator, Youth Leadership Development, Community and Youth Engagement 

Our friends at Truth Initiative are delivering the opening session for this year’s summit. This session is setting context and introducing learners to the basics of tobacco industry marketing. We take a close look at the targeting practices that help the tobacco industry hook new users into becoming life-long customers. We consider the impacts of ads on our community and conclude with an activity that explores advertising practices right in Ventura County. 

(if your district blocks the video below, it can be viewed here: Keynote Video)



When prompted, the Kahoot link is: bit.Ly/tkakahoot22

(have students enter this link into their devices, or open the link play as a class)


When prompted, tobacco ads can be found here: Truth Tobacco Ads

Optional student workbook by Truth Initiative is here: Truth Student Workbook







Presented by Jason Claros, Prevention Coordinator, VCOE

Start with this intro video to find out about our conference, this year's theme, and what to expect this week!