STEM Pipeline

STEM Career Exploration & Training

Naval Base Ventura County

VCOE is committed to cultivating a local STEM workforce creating a talent pipeline with ties to the community who are more likely to remain in careers locally.  VCOE Career Education collaborates with Navy commands at Naval Base Ventura County in support of STEM career exploration and training opportunites.  The Navy encourages interest in STEM careers to meet the multitude of career opportunities at both Port Hueneme and Point Mugu.  A partnership with the U.S. Navy and FIRST Robotics supports FIRST scholarship opportunities to FIRST teams in Ventura County.  

A VCOE FIRST Robotics Funding Opportunities Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, March 16, 2021.  Teachers and teams interested in applying for funding to support 2021-2022 team registration and mentor support are encouraged to join the webinar.  Please register in advance for this webinar at

Any teacher or school interested in learning more about FIRST Robotics opportunities is encouraged to contact Anne Campbell at  


Seaglide is an annual classroom activity designed for students to learn to build underwater autonomous vehicles.  Teacher training is offered annually, and teachers who participate are provided with Seaglide kits for use in their classrooms.  Classroom activities culminate in a spring competition.   Learn more at  Teacher training is tentatively scheduled for summer 2021.  Teacher applications will be available in spring 2021.  Contact VCOE Stem Support Anne Campbell for more information about Seaglide activities in Ventura County.  


Haas Automation

Haas is a generous supporter of FIRST Robotics activities in Ventura County.  Haas also supports Manufacturing programs and has awarded grants for manufacturing programs in Ventura County.  



Ventura County Community College District

Postsecondary Transition and Completion

The VCOE Career Education Department supports the development and programming of Career Pathways that start in the high school setting and align with our community colleges: Moorpark College, Oxnard College, and Ventura College. We work closely with our community college partners and facilitate curriculum meetings and articulation activities.  In addition to curriculum alignment, we promote student engagement and program support to ensure seamless transitions for students.

Dual Enrollment Webinar, Wednesday, February 10, 2021:  Powerpoint  and  Webinar Recording  Passcode: .Ct6P2Tt

Community College CTE Programs

Community College CTE Programs

Ventura County public high schools strive to align programs with the community colleges in our region.   Learn more about our community college Career Education programs.  

Moorpark College

Program Information 

Articulations:  Trevor Hess

Dual Enrollment: Sergio Gonzales

Oxnard College

Program Information

Articulations & CTE Dual Enrollment:

Dr. Shannon Trefts    

Ventura College

Program Information 

Articulations: Victoria Nielsen

Dual Enrollment:  Dr. Jesus Vega