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Fillmore Unified School District

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Fillmore Unified School District

Serves:  Fillmore

Grades:  K-12

Students:  3,785

Superintendent:  Adrian E. Palazuelos, Ph.D.





Greetings from the Fillmore Unified School District. During the 2019-2020 school year, we are continuing our work in supporting college and career opportunities for secondary students, enhancing and constructing new facilities, supporting the integration of new technology across the district, and engaging our community through high quality district preschool and adult education programs.  

  • College and Career: We are fortunate to have the strong support of the Fillmore Unified Board of Trustees as champions for increasing college and career access for all students. As a result of the Board’s advocacy, Fillmore Unified provides (at no cost to students or their families) the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) to all students in grades 9-11, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in grades 11-12, and all Advanced Placement (AP) tests. In Spring 2019, Fillmore High School students completed over 438 Advanced Placement exams.
  • Career Technical Education: In Fall 2019, we will be breaking ground on our new Career Technical Education facility on the Fillmore High School campus. The new facility will enable our students and staff to broaden their work in the areas of transportation, agricultural mechanics, and agriscience.  
  • Technology: Throughout the school year, we will continue our stewardship of technology through the deployment of one to one laptops for students in 3rd through 9th grades and future plans to expand to 12th grade. 
  • Preschool: Fillmore Unified has six district preschool campuses that are providing daily instruction and support for 147 of our future students. Preschool students over the last two years have participated in the "Josh the Otter" water safety awareness program thanks to our partnership with the Rotary Club of Fillmore.  
  • Adult Education: During the 2018-2019 school year, Fillmore Adult School enrolled over 451 adult learners in courses in English as a Second Language, preparation for the US Citizenship exam, technology, adult GED, and numerous others.  

Fillmore Unified is committed to supporting all students and realizing our district vision such that “Each Fillmore Unified School District student is recognized and valued, inspired to be a life-long learner and prepared to be a contributing member of society.”

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