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Educator Support and Effectiveness



The primary mission of Educator Support and Effectiveness is to support the Ventura County Office of Education, local districts, other teacher employers, and local universities in the recruitment, hiring, assigning, and retaining of highly effective teachers and administrators. Educator Support and Effectiveness has established an integrated system to provide skilled, credentialed teachers and administrators in Ventura County.


Kim Uebelhardt, Executive Director


Debbie Brand, Administrative Assistant

Academic Advisement


Academic Advisement Services is comprised of various grants and services to provide support and assistance to individuals working toward a teaching or administrative services credential, and to meet specific credential requirements.

Diana Westbrook, Senior Academic Advisor
Ventura County Induction Consortium


The Induction Consortium program is approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to recommend holders of Preliminary single subject, multiple subject credentials, and administrative services for the Clear Credential. Induction Consortium provides the essential support, resources and collegial planning required for educator effectiveness, enhanced strategies for students from diverse backgrounds, focused professional growth, and increased awareness of teaching and educational leadership as a profession. The program is a countywide consortium between the Ventura County Office of Education, local school districts, charter and private schools, and universities, including: California Lutheran University, CSU Northridge, CSU Channel Islands, La Verne University, Grand Canyon University and National University.


Dr. Marcia Russell

Dr. Marcia Russell, Director

Adrienne Peralta, Director

Sally Serles, Coordinator

Raina Arellano, Coordinator

Jesse Taylor, Coordinator

Jesse Taylor, Coordinator

Olga Diaz, Administrative Assistant

Rose Evans, Operations Specialist

Sylvia Iniguez, Administrative Assistant

Angel Moreno, Operations Specialist