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The Preliminary or Clear Designated Subjects Special Subjects teaching credential in ROTC authorizes the holder to teach this subject named in grades K-12 inclusive, and classes organized primarily for adults.

This credential is issued to individuals who meet the requirements listed below and who apply through and are recommended by the Ventura County Office of Education, a Commission-approved program sponsor. 

If you are applying for another DSC Special Subjects area such as Aviation Flight Instruction, Aviation Ground Instruction, or Basic Military Drill, please contact our office at or (805) 437-1320 for specific eligibility requirements. 

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Call 805-437-1320 or email

To speak with someone for immediate assistance in the Designated Subjects Credential CTE or Adult Education program, please call: Rose Evans at 805-437-1325.  Or you may email with less urgent questions.

If you have specific credentialing questions that our website, or the DSC department could not help with, please schedule a phone advisement with our Senior Academic Advisor, Diana Westbrook here: Calendly