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 The Ventura COE offers the following DSC Programs

Designated Subjects Credentials (DSC) authorize teaching or service in technical, trade, or vocational classes or in classes organized primarily for adults such as Adult Education, Regional Occupation Programs (ROP), and Career Technical Education classes.

The Ventura County DSC program is a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved Local Education Agency (LEA) for Adult Education, Career Technical Education and Special Subject (e.g., ROTC).  The DSC Career Technical Education Program (including Advanced Preparation), and the DSC Adult Education Program consist of multiple online instructional formats.​

Credential services provided include:

  • Quality assurance – all courses taught by experienced credentialed instructors with professional experience in the field of vocational and adult education.
  • Support and mentoring provided by a support provider and field-based supervisor (provided by employer).
  • Evaluation, preparation and authorized LEA recommendation of credential application packets for adult education and career technical education teaching credentials for processing through the CTC.
  • Individual counseling, advisement and transcript and work experience evaluation services provided by ESE staff experienced in credentialing. 


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