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(General Ed Induction Consortium, Ed Specialist Induction Consortium, Designated Subjects Credential Programs) 

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Each Teacher Induction Program candidate will be assigned an experienced teacher called a “mentor.” With the assistance of a mentor, the candidate will demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills required of a professional educator.

The Mentor Will Meet the Following Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Attend all mentor trainings/professional development provided by the program.
  • Submit all required documents (e.g., Mentor Logs, End of the Year Mentor Program Survey) by required due dates.  
  • Assist candidate with developing and completing the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).
  • Serve as a nonevaluative supporter for the candidate.
  • Provide “just in time” support for the candidate, in accordance with the ILP, along with longer term guidance to promote enduring professional skills.
  • Collaborate with the candidate at least one (1) hour per week in response to the candidate's needs; provide guidance, assistance, and information that leads the candidate to effective professional practices.
  • Support the candidate’s consistent practice of reflection on the effectiveness of instruction, analysis of student and other outcomes data, and the use of these data to further inform the repeated cycle of planning and instruction.
  • Facilitate candidate growth and development via providing modeling, classroom observation, guided reflection on practice, and feedback on classroom instruction.

The Program provides ongoing professional development trainings to guide mentors in the roles and responsibilities of working with newly credentialed teachers using formative assessment. There are three models of support for candidates within the consortium:

  • a teacher who is released from full-time classroom teaching duties
  • an experienced teacher at the school site
  • a contract employee (e.g., a retired teacher)

The role of mentor is one of mentor and guide – not of evaluator. The success of the relationship between the candidate and mentor is built upon trust, confidentiality, and a commitment to the goals of the Program. This relationship is the key to a successful beginning and the fostering of new professional friendships that will last throughout your career.


Registration is open! There is no fee to register. Please register as a New, Returning, or Veteran mentor as soon as possible. The first Veteran Mentor Academy session is on September 7. Call Educator Support Services at (805) 437-1320, if you have any questions. 

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