Teens Kick Ash Workshop Descriptions

Here are the workshops you can expect to see at this year's conference! We have brought in local experts on the subjects of vaping and other tobacco products and youth engagement to give you some great info and protips on getting the word out about this issue.


There will be two workshop sessions, so you will get two chances to see the ones you really want to check out - if you don't get in during the first session, just remember you get another chance to see it during Session 2!


Simply Speaking

Presented by Mr. Ray Lozano - CEO, Prevention Plus

How do you present to your peers, but in a way that's going to grab their attention, and *keep* it? Mr. Lozano has a strategy to level up your presentation game!

Hook, Book, Look & Took

Hook: how to get your audience interested in what you have to say

Book: What information will you present – Tobacco

Look: How you are going to present your information

Took: How does your audience take it home



Woke 101

Presented by Ventura County Public Health, Tobacco Policy Program and Future Leaders of America

Woke about flavors? What's happening, how are you being targeted, what can you do, how can you get involved? See you here!



Media, Marketing & Your Mind

Presented by Roland Roberts and Victoria Sayeg-Carr from BRITE

Tobacco and vape companies want to keep their products on your mind. Explore their methods and build your skills for critically thinking about what you see, hear... and smell!



Time's Up on Vaping!

Presented by Lynne Goodwin, California Friday Night Live Partnership

Vaping is all around us, but how did that happen? In this workshop, California Youth Council members will bring you up to speed about how the tobacco and vaping industry targets young people as potential users and product addicts. Come learn about some of the strategies that they use and then participate in the discussion about how youth can fight back!



Cannabis: What You Should Know

Presented by David Tovar, Program Administrator, Ventura County Behavioral Health

Cannabis is the world’s most commonly used illicit drug. Use can be particularly problematic among teens for many reasons, but with changes in norms and laws, social perceptions are evolving. This workshop will engage with participants to discuss these issues and many more.



Health and Happiness By Design: Paint, Prose, and Poetry on a Plank

Presented by Nan Young and Gerri Wendel from Art Trek, Inc.

Water color and pen imagery, poetry, prose, and design on wooden planks.