Contacts - Career Education
Name Title Phone Email
Camarillo Office 805-437-1420
Moorpark Office 805-437-1580

Dr. Tiffany Morse Executive Director, Career Education 805-437-1421
Giselle D. Bice Principal 805-437-1422
Zenda Abbott Assistant Principal 805-437-1581

Rose Evans Student Services Assistant 805-437-1586
Natalie Gerardi Student Services Assistant 805-437-1431
Kaitlin Tepper Administrative Assistant II 805-437-1435
Savanah Cummings Office Manager- Camarillo 805-437-1424
Jenna Long Office Manager- Moorpark 805-437-1582

Debbie Alvarez Teacher- Environmental Horticulture; Floral Design 805-437-8042
Gregory Bracy Teacher- STEAM 805-437-1420
Linette Brammer Teacher- Medical Assistant; Medical Office 805-437-8036
Steve Budy Teacher- Auto Paint and Refinishing; Automotive Technology 805-437-8034
Lori Burch Teacher- Emergency Medical Responder 805-437-1420
Joe Chacon Teacher- Game Design 805-437-8041
David Cody Teacher- Mobile Application Development 805-437-1420
Matt Colton Teacher-Criminal Justice 805-437-1420
Bill Cooney Teacher- Welding 805-437-1420
Julie Cunningham Teacher- Criminal Justice 805-437-1423
Edward Garcia Teacher- Agriculture Fabrication 805-437-1420
Todd Gernheuser Teacher- Robotic Technologies 805-437-1420
Bill Guzman Teacher- Automotive Technology 805-437-1420
Alan Jaeger Teacher- Air Academy; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 805-437-1420
Ryan Jaeger Teacher- Cybersecurity 805-437-1420
Camille Jauregui Teacher- Certified Nursing Assistant 805-437-1425
Allison Leete Teacher- Landscaping 805-437-1420
Fundi Legohn Teacher- Digital Broadcasting 805-437-1420
Velma Lomax Teacher- Engineering Robotics; STEAM 805-437-1420
Cecily Lopez Teacher- Certified Nursing Assistant 805-437-1425
Tony Luboff Teacher- Medical Terminology; IT Essentials 805-437-1420
Joe Martin Teacher- Automotive Technology 805-437-1425
Russ Martin Teacher- Automotive Technology 805-437-1420
Donna O'Connor Teacher- Medial Assistant 805-437-8092
Cynthia Okimura Teacher- Medical Terminology; Intro to Health Careers 805-437-1420
Linda  Ramos Teacher- Medical Terminology; Emergency Medical Responder 805-437-8044
Ruben Reyes Teacher- Screen Printing 805-437-8040
Justin Riege Teacher- High Tech Manufacturing; Technology and Art of Engineering STEAM 805-437-8043
Tacha Robles Teacher- Dental Assistant 805-437-8038
John Rodriguez Teacher- Welding 805-437-8032
Mike Saviers Teacher- Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement; Intro to Emergency Services 805-437-1420
Angel Silva Teacher- Career Exploration; College and Career 805-437-1420
Erica Spicer Teacher- Medical Terminology; Medical Assistant 805-437-1420
Devin Thompson Teacher- Auto Body Repair; Automotive Technology 805-437-8034
Adan Vega Teacher- Auto Technology 805-437-1420
Cameron White Teacher- Video Production; Virtual Enterprise 805-437-1420
VC Innovates

Juliet Herman Director, VC Innovates 805-437-8048
Rebecca Chandler Content Specialist 805-437-1434
Karen Brower Industry Liaison- STEM, Aviation, NBVC 805-437-1450
Lisa Eklund Industry Liaison- Building and Construction, Manufacturing 805-437-1433
Mike Etchart Industry Liaison- Arts, Media, Entertainment; Agriculture and Natural Resources 805-437-8049
Darrell Gooden Industry Liaison- Engineering; Energy, Environmental Resources; Transportation 805-437-1451
Hilary Howard Industry Liaison- Business and Finance; Marketing, Sales and Service 805-298-9332
Irene Ornelas Industry Liaison- Health Science and Medical Technology 805-437-1428
Su-lin Rubalcava Industry Liaison- Hospitality; Public Service 805-437-1427
Rodrigo Cardenas Industry Liaison - Information Communication Technology, Education, Transportation 805-437-8047
Maria Benitez Contract Technician 805-437-1423
Tess Davidson-Henney Administrative Assistant II 805-437-1432