– The registration window is reopened for classes with seats available –




♦ Please sign up with your first name, last name, and personal email address (DO NOT use your Canvas account).                 
   Failure to do so will disqualify you.
♦ Please register for ONLY ONE course.
    Signing up for more than one section of a course WILL NOT increase your chances and will disqualify you.

For questions, please call 805-437-1420

CEC Steps for Registration

  1. Visit our online course catalog and select a course
  2. Carefully review the course details
  3. Create an account and enroll (be sure to use a personal primary email address)
  4. Receive a confirmation email of pre-enrollment with a link to complete our Acknowledgements Form
  5. CEC will review each application
  6. An official acceptance and all other correspondence will be sent to the email provided

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