Designated Subjects Credential: CTE and Adult Education

Equivalency Program

The DSC CTE and Adult Education Equivalency Program is for teachers who already hold a Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Special Education teaching credential. This program grants you equivalencies for the work you have completed for previous credentials.


  1. Online Classes:
    • For CTE Credential holders:
      1. History and Foundations of CTE: Approximately seven hours related to the historical, legal, social, political, and economic perspectives of CTE as well as the future for California
      2. Classroom and Laboratory Management: Approximately seven hours focusing on the safe and legal practices in the workplace and school
    • For Adult Ed Credential holders:
      1. History and Foundations of Adult Education: Approximately seven hours focusing on the adult education teaching profession, including its history, funding and governance and role in public education.
      2. Adult Learning Theory: Approximately seven hours focusing on developing knowledge of the characteristics of adult learners and recognition of the diversity of adult learner's needs.
  2. Portfolio E Contents: You will complete a professional portfolio that will serve as documentation of instructional practices aligned to applicable CTE, academic, and/or industry standards. The portfolio is generally comprised of a teaching plan, formal observation completed by your employer, work from focus students, analysis of student work, reflection and curriculum map.

Program costs are currently $950, which includes the $150 non-refundable program registration fee and $800 program costs.

* additional requirements may apply depending on evaluation of your credential(s).


Determine your Program Eligibility

Candidates to the Ventura County Designated Subjects Equivalency Program, must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Hold a California Preliminary Designated Subjects Career Technical Education, Adult Education or Special Subjects teaching credential AND a California Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Education Specialist teaching credential.
    • If you do not hold a Designated Subjects credential, contact our office for assistance at (805) 437-1320 or
  • Employed in a teaching assignment requiring the DSC credential or have access to students that allow you to demonstrate skills required by program standards (subject to program approval). Assignments less than one semester (e.g., day-to-day substitute teaching) are not eligible teaching assignments. 
  • Pay $950 for program fees (includes the nonrefundable program registration fee of $150 and DSC Equivalency Program Fee of $800).  Payment of the $950 is required at the time of registration.
    • If your employer has agreed to pay this fee, they will provide you with a coupon code to use at the time you register. If your employer was not provided a coupon code, please have your employer complete and sign off on a DSC Equivalency Program Payment form. Submit this form to our office at Once received, you will be provided a coupon code by our office to utilize  when you register.
  • Able to complete all program requirements by the following deadlines:
    • for the DSC CTE Equivalency Program Fall 2019 Session: by January 15, 2020
    • for the DSC CTE and DSC Adult Ed Equivalency Programs Spring 2020 Session: by May 15, 2020
  • TO REGISTER: Click HERE for a PDF of the registration instructions then click the appropriate link below:

Registration Deadline: NOVEMBER 15, 2019

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need the following information to complete the registration form:
    • Social security number and date of birth (required to verify and evaluate your credential with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Our system is encrypted to secure your information.)
    • Name and email address of your school principal/head administrator
    • Credit/debit card for online payment of the $950 program fee (If your employer has agreed to pay this fee, you should have received a coupon code to utilize during registration). 

If you need further assistance or have any questions, please call (805) 437-1320 or email us at

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