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The primary mission of Educator Support Services is to support Ventura County Office of Education, local districts, other teacher employers, and local universities in the recruitment, hiring, assigning, and retaining of highly effective teachers. Educator Support Services has established an integrated system that supports multiple entry points into the teaching profession to provide a skilled, credential teacher for every classroom in Ventura County. The department is a unique blending of support through the learning-to-teach system from pre-service experiences to university teacher preparation to new teacher induction.

Educator Support Services provides a broad range of professional development and services. Programs and services are offered locally and within the region reaching VCOE and its 20 districts, charter and private schools, 6 university teacher preparation programs, and Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County offices.

Programs and Services Offered

Teacher Induction Program (to obtain a clear Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Special Education credential)

Administrator Induction Program (to obtain a clear Administrative Services credential) 

Orthopedic Impairment (OI) Added Authorization Program   (to add an OI authorization to a current special education credential)

Language & Academic Development (LAD) Credential Program   (to add a LAD authorization to a current special education credential)

Designated Subjects Credential Program  (to obtain an Adult or Career Technical Education credential)

Mentors (training for educators assigned as mentors to program candidates)

Test Preparation (classes to help prepare for teacher exams)

Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program (BTPDP) (financial assistance for currently credentialed teachers to get their Bilingual Authorization in Spanish)



New and experienced teachers of all grade levels who participate in a one-day workshop will learn strategies for classroom organization and management that effective educators implement to ensure year-long success; create a successful plan for an effective learning environment; and reflect on areas for growth. 

Online registration for summer/fall 2018 workshops opens July 5. See the flyer for more information.