Designated Subjects Credential Program

VCOE's DSC Program is approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to recommend and train eligible Career Technical Education, Special Subjects, and Adult Education teachers for the DSC Preliminary and Clear Credentials. This program is for teachers from industry and General Education teachers looking to teach in CTE Pathways.


In Designated Subjects Credential Programs, Candidates: 

  • Receive support from a support provider, field-based supervisor, DSC instructors, and ESE staff. 

  • Complete 2 Portfolios during Clinical Practice related to their context for teaching

  • Complete online learning modules

  • Will be observed and evaluated by their field based supervisors


Eligibility for credential programs is determined by ESE Academic Advisors, based on the credentials candidates already hold and by the requirements of their employing school districts. Click a program below for program-specific requirements. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Designated Subjects Credential (DSC) Program candidates are expected to make timely progress, complete all program requirements and responsibilities in order to meet their program completion date and earn their clear credential (deadlines for program requirements are scheduled to guide and assist candidates to meet this expectation).  Candidates also participate in ongoing program evaluation, including annual program evaluation surveys, in addition to other formative feedback. Candidates understand and agree to abide by the ESE Professional Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity policy.


Missed Course Components

Candidates are expected to contact the program coordinator to ensure completion of all requirements.

Mentors and Field-Based Supervisors

Candidates are expected to coordinate with their employer to obtain a qualified mentor and field-based supervisor and submit the Roles and Responsibilities Form. This may be the same person if they meet the criteria for both.

Mentor Qualifications

  • Hold a valid CA Clear or life teaching credential (or equivalent professional background and experience)
  • Have 3 years of successful teaching experience
  • Be available to meet with candidate at least 2 times per month for a minimum of one hour each meeting to provide site support

Field-Based Supervisor Qualifications 

  • Hold a valid CA Clear or life teaching credential
  • Have 3 years of successful teaching experience
  • Have supervisory and observation experience in providing CSTP-based feedback to educators
  • Be in a non-evaluative role regarding candidate's employment

For more information on becoming a field-based supervisor, contact Educator Support and Effectiveness at (805) 437-1320.