Eligibility for credential programs is determined by ESE Academic Advisors, based on the credentials candidates already hold and by the requirements of their employing school districts. To apply to the Ventura County OI program, candidates must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  1. The candidate holds a Preliminary/Level 1 or Clear/Level 2 Education Specialist Credential, or an Education Specialist Intern Credential.
  2. The candidate has access to students with eligibility of Orthopedic Impairment and Health Care plans.
Roles and Responsibilities

Candidates are expected to make timely progress, complete all program requirements and responsibilities in order to meet the program completion date and earn their clear credential (deadlines for program requirements are scheduled to guide and assist candidates in meeting this expectation). Candidates also participate in ongoing program evaluation, including annual program evaluation surveys, in addition to other formative feedback.  Candidates understand and agree to abide by the ESE Professional Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity policy.

Missed Course Components

Candidates are expected to contact the program coordinator to ensure completion of all requirements.