Roles and Responsibilities


Teacher Induction Program candidates are expected to:

  • Make timely progress and complete all program requirements. The following are required for program completion: 
    • Orientation
    • Initial goal setting (semester 1 and semester 3)
    • ILP each semester
    • Average 1 hr. per week of mentoring each progam year
  • Participate in ongoing program evaluation, including annual program evaluation surveys, for each year the candidate is enrolled in the program


Mentors are approved by the employer to the Teacher Induction Candidate within 30 days of the candidates' enrollment in the program. Teacher Induction Mentors are expected to:

  • Attend all mentor trainings/professional development provided by the program

  • Submit all required documents (e.g., Mentor Logs, Mentor Program Surveys) by required due dates

  • Assist the candidate with developing and completing the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

  • Serve as the candidate’s guide rather than as an evaluator 

  • Collaborate with the candidate at least one (1) hour per week in response to his/her needs and provide guidance, assistance, and information that leads the candidate to effective professional practices

  • Provide “just in time” support for the candidate, in accordance with the ILP, along with longer term guidance to promote enduring professional skills

  • Support the candidate’s consistent practice of reflection on the effectiveness of instruction, analysis of student and other outcomes data, and use of these data to further inform the repeated cycle of planning and instruction

  • Facilitate candidate growth and development by providing modeling, classroom observation, guided reflection on practice, and feedback on classroom instruction

  • Connect the candidates with available resources to support professional growth and accomplishment of the ILP 

  • Review the ILP with the candidate and offer guidance and input

  • Encourage and assist the candidate to connect with and become part of the larger professional learning community within the profession

Early Completion Option (ECO) Eligibility Criteria and Policies

Eligibility Criteria for the Early Completion Option

  • 3 years of full time teaching experience as teacher of record within the last 5 years
    • Intern employment, substitute and part-time teaching are not eligible
    • Credentials with additional requirements such as TPA, RICA etc. are not eligible
  • Demonstrate exceptional teaching practice as evidenced by prior site evaluations
  • Direct Administrator recommendation


Early Completion Option Application Process

ECO Application Portfolio
  • Complete the Early Completion Option Interest Form 
  • After completing the form, you will be added to the ECO Verification of Eligibility Assignment
  • Attend one of the Virtual Early Completion Option (ECO) Information Sessions in August/September:
  • Details for these meetings will be found in your Induction Canvas Course after registering
  • Collect the following application portfolio documents - portfolio details will be found in your Induction Canvas course: 
    • Verification of three years of full-time teaching experience within the last 5 years, from an accredited public or private/independent school, as the teacher of record in the subject area named on your credential
    • Letter of Introduction
    • Administrator Acknowledgement form
    • 2 prior administrator evaluations of satisfactory or better based on the CSTP’s or reciprocal state standards – signed by administrators
  • Submit application portfolio and non-refundable ECO Application Fee via Canvas

Please Note: Candidates must complete all items above to be considered for the Early Completion option


Additional Fall Requirements 

  • Successful completion of the first semester of Induction Program requirements demonstrating thoughtful work without extension (including late assignments) or resubmission
  • VCOE will contact your site administrator in December to provide an anonymous recommendation form

Candidates who successfully complete Fall semester requirements and receive a recommendation from their administrator, will be notified of ECO admission by January, and will be enrolled in the Year 2 Spring semester Canvas Course


Spring Semester Requirements 

  • Must successfully complete the second semester of Induction Program requirements demonstrating thoughtful work without extension (including late assignments) or resubmission

If successful completion in the Spring is not achieved, ECO status will be reviewed, and the candidate may need to complete the second year of Induction

Policies and Procedures

In addition to the ESE General Policies and Procedures, candidates in the Teacher Induction Program also understand and acknowledge the following additional policies and procedures:


Eligibility for credential programs is determined by the ESE Academic Advisor, based on the credentials candidates already hold and by the requirements of their employing school districts. To apply to the Ventura County Teacher Induction Consortium, candidates must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Hold a California Preliminary Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and/or Education Specialist credential.
  • Be employed in a teaching assignment for the current school year. Assignments less than one semester (e.g., day-to-day substitute teaching) are not eligible teaching assignments.

Mentor Reassignment

If the initial pairing of a mentor and a candidate is not supporting the candidate’s ability to complete Program requirements, or either party is dissatisfied with the pairing, clear procedures are established for reassignments.

  1. The candidate contacts the Program Director; the mentor contacts the District Coordinator.
  2. The Program Director conducts an interview with the candidate or mentor to clarify issues surrounding the reconsideration of the mentor assignment.
  3. Based on the interview, the Program Director proposes a remedy that may involve facilitating a meeting between the candidate and the mentor to resolve presenting problems and/or working with the candidate’s employer to facilitate assigning a new mentor.